Monday, July 18, 2011

Evasive, pompous gasbag ( thomas cudworth)

Elizabeth Liddle asked thomas cudworth: "Can I ask what your field is, Thomas? It might help us understand each other."

cuddy-boi answered: "I’m an intellectual jack of all trades, much like yourself, all over the map, winning a science scholarship but then criscrossing boundaries between Arts and Science, leading to a Ph.D. I studied Music, too. (How can anyone love music and be a Darwinian? What a metaphysical mismatch! Unless maybe the music you love is Wagner, or Strindberg.) But more on my biography another time."

Later he said to EL: "However, from what you tell me, your undergraduate degree was in Music and your graduate study was in neurology or neurological imaging technology. That does not give me confidence that you have enough knowledge in the field of Probability Theory (in which Dembski holds two Ph.D.s, one from a Philosophy Department, one from a Math Department) or Information Theory (which Dembski has been working on for years now in collaboration with several specialists in that field) to be sure that you have refuted or even fully understood Dembski’s arguments. The mere fact that you are a scientist doesn’t make you any more than a layman in scientific specialties that are not close to your own area of research. But in any case, if you do have knowledge enough to refute Dembski, you are free to publish your arguments. Let us know when and where. Until you do produce such a publication, I disregard your claim to have found fatal flaws in any of his work. Claims like this are a dime a dozen on the internet."


Hmm, isn't it interesting that cuddy-boi won't say what field he's in? I wonder what his education, training, research, and actual work is in "scientific specialties" like evolutionary biology? I wonder if he has published any papers or books on evolutionary biology? I also wonder if he has published any papers or books on ID, music, Darwin, probability theory, information theory, neurology or neurological imaging technology, or anything else?

I'd hate to think that he's just a "layman" who is not qualified to speak on matters of evolutionary biology, or anything else. LOL

Here's some more crap from cudworthless:

"But all the really useful advances in gene sequencing, gene function determination, cell physiology, biochemistry, ecology, medicine, etc. can proceed quite well under six-day creationism."

"kairosfocus (237): I agree with you. I’m on your side both in the culture war and on the scientific question of design."

"So yes, I’m against Dawkins’s biology *and* against his shallow and ignorant attacks on religion"

"I do theory, not culture-war politics."

"I’m on your side both in the culture war and on the scientific question of design."


"In the post-Dover world, the focus of ID has been greatly sharpened. It’s now more than ever a theory of design detection. Its proponents now hold regular conferences in which heavy-duty science is discussed in serious papers — evolutionary computer algorithms, genetic entropy, molecular evolution, organism-centered vs. gene-centered evolution, etc. The peer reviewed papers are starting to come out. The books are slowly getting grudging attention from at least a few non-doctrinaire scientists."


Stop, cuddy-boi, my sides already hurt from laughing at all your other insanity!