Friday, July 22, 2011

dung from mung

mung likes to play childish games, and insult and accuse Elizabeth Liddle and other people who don't worship his every word, which is typical behavior of the IDiots on UD. And like the rest of the IDiots, mung thinks he's ALWAYS right.

mung's own words show that he doesn't know the slightest thing about anything, except that he knows how to be a belligerent, uneducated, two-faced, ignorant narcissist who argues just for the sake of arguing. The traits he shows are just like the ones the other IDiots posses and show. Being an insufferable, inbred asshole is obviously a prerequisite for being an IDiot.

IDiots all have superiority complexes and look down on anyone who doesn't worship them and their delusional, religion-based assertions. They believe that they get their authority and righteousness directly from their chosen god (and many think they are a god) and that they have the absolute 'god-given' right to dictate what others should think, believe, and do.

To them, their beliefs and agenda are so perfect that they are deaf in advance and they won't tolerate any opinion, belief, or fact that is or may be contrary to their own self-righteous beliefs and agenda. The only reason they want to fuck with science is because scientific discoveries are or may be a threat to their delusions. The fact that they're so afraid of science, and so hateful of it, clearly demonstrates their insecurity about their beliefs. In other words, they know their beliefs are bullshit, but they are desperate to protect them anyway. Trembling fear of reality, knowledge, and death, and the belief that they are superior to all other living things ('made in the image of god'), underlies their every thought and behavior.

It's pretty obvious that many of them spend virtually all of their time on UD or other sites because they have no life, no friends, and no worthwhile purpose. I'm so glad that I'm not kairosfocus, bornagain77, dense o'leary, mung, uptightbiped, gildodgen, vjtorley, pav, ilion, or any other IDiot. It must be extremely unfulfilling to exist, but not live a rewarding, fruitful, happy life. To be obsessed with their belief in ancient fairy tales and the agenda to spread those fairy tales and inject them into every aspect of everyone's life, and to push people away in the process, must be debilitating.

I don't feel a bit sorry for them though. They are adults and they choose to be the way they are. In fact, they are the ones who constantly claim to have free will, and they exercise it by being the biggest assholes they can possibly be. Of course there are lots of assholes in the world with many kinds of beliefs, or none, but religious zealots (IDiots) are as bad as any. They commit their dishonesty, hypocrisy, sanctimony, and pomposity from a self-erected pulpit of self-proclaimed righteousness, and they selfishly believe that they are specially selected and appointed by their chosen god to carry out his will.

Even if I had no other reasons to reject religion, the behavior of many religious people and especially that of the IDiots/creationists would be more than enough to push me away from religion. The last thing I would want is to be allied with such two-faced, dishonest, arrogant, paranoid, despicable narcissists.

IDiots and other religious wackos think that they should be in charge of everything and dictate all the rules, but if they were in charge we would either all be dead, or exist like peons under religious tyrannical domination.