Sunday, July 24, 2011

Outing, privacy, and gordy's tirades

Is everyone aware of the NUMEROUS times that kairosfocus has flipped out because someone used his real name (gordon e. mullings) in a comment? Is everyone aware of the NUMEROUS tirades kairosfocus has projectile vomited about him and his family being 'outed' and their 'privacy' invaded? Is everyone aware of the ridiculous, unlawful reproduction/permission notices he posts on the pages of his websites?

Well, lookey what I found:

"Gordon Mullings

A telling point!
I find it interesting that people who VOLUNTARILY disclose all sorts of information in public [including titillating dress and behaviour, as well as statements and financial matters] then wish to control the use of that information.
To a certain extent there is a legitimate claim to confidentiality and to civility and basic decency and respect.
But when the same culture is busily imposing the view that anything goes and right/wrong and truth/falsehood are mere convention or perception backed by social power, what is happening is a fundamental inconsistency in relativism is being exposed.
Grace to all"

"Gordon Mullings

KTK [And David]:
An interesting point or two. Your We have fallen into the habit of using the word “privacy” to mean “freedom from interference” is a key insight. David picker it up with his: Many people confuse privacy and freedom . . . Privacy must be sacrificed in order for freedom to flourish.
As I argued in the thread in which the SWIFT programme came up, we need to distinguish what is properly private from what is CONFIDENTIAL or at a higher level, CLASSIFIED.
The former is immediately sacrificed once we voluntarily disclose information to a third party, e.g. to set up a checquing account or make a major bank transfer or take up a big loan, or seek advice and help from pastor, psychologist or doctor. But these in turn have a duty of not disclosing sensitive information to those who do not have a legitimate right to it, especially if they may use it for harm.
As David points out to Suzi, too,if one deceives by holding back legitimately required disclosure, it imposes a cost on others that is undue."

gordy has VOLUNTARILY posted his name (gordon e. mullings), his place of residence, (Montserrat), information about his family and friends, information about his work/projects/agenda/beliefs, etc., in many PUBLIC places on the internet, yet he wishes (actually expects and demands) to control the use of that information.

His comments above are from here (scroll down a bit when you go to this page):,+2006+%E2%80%93+Gordon+Mullings.+Joe:+A+telling+point!+I+find+it+interesting+that+people+who+VOLUNTARILY+disclose+all+sorts+of+information+in+public&hl=en&client=firefox-a&gl=us&strip=1