Monday, July 25, 2011

Liar for god

kairosfocus shat: "... remember the fulminations of TWT et al and their thereat made against my family only a few weeks back?"

From here (number 25):


As I've said before, gordon e. mullings is a blatant, willful liar. I made NO threats against his family. Notice too that he says "et al and their thereat" (sic).

gordon e. mullings, I challenge you to produce evidence that I or anyone else threatened your family "only a few weeks back", or that I EVER threatened your family. Put up or shut up, and retract your accusations and apologize, you lying piece of shit.

I submitted this on gordy's blog too. Of course the lying coward won't publish it.

I also submitted a comment telling him what I think about him using the shooting and bombing in Norway to bash "Darwinism" and to promote his insane religious agenda. Of course that comment won't be published either.