Saturday, July 30, 2011

How about one piece of evidence, gildo?




7:50 pm


The problem with you and your ilk in the Church of Darwin, is that you offer nothing of any substance concerning the creative powers of the proposed Darwinian mechanism of random errors filtered by natural selection, only speculation based upon further speculation about what could have speculatively happened in the distant past.

This line of argumentation will only be effective when trying to convince those who are ignorant about the real state of affairs concerning Darwinian “theory,” and who are equally ignorant about the fundamentally information-based nature of living systems.

This is why Darwinists are so vehement about keeping any questioning of Darwinian orthodoxy out of the public schools, because they know that bright, young, inquisitive students will question: “What? Are you joking? Tell me that you’re joking. This makes no sense. What are you trying to sell?”

An ersatz materialistic theocracy has been established in academia. It permits no dissent, no matter how well reasoned. Infidels are promptly excommunicated for the sin of questioning the orthodoxy.

This is pernicious and very dangerous concerning the advancement of legitimate scientific investigation.


Hey gildo, let's see even one actual piece of scientifically testable evidence, from you and your "ilk", that supports your ID/creation/religious claims. And what the fuck do you know about "legitimate scientific investigation"?

As Allen MacNeill said to your remarks above:




8:00 pm


What bearing does your comment have on the discussion taking place here? Have you added anything at all of substance to the discussion? Have you clarified anything at all about the nature of information, either “meaningful” or otherwise? Or have you attacked an entire group of people with pure, unadulterated character assassination? What’s up with that, Gil?


Yeah, gildo, what's up with that? Don't you claim to be a christian? Are christians supposed to be like that?