Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hey kairosfocus

Do these words look familiar?

"F: Consistent Score 7 or less: Do not trust this source, period. Warn others about the evident distortion, bias, deception and agenda. If the source has significant institutional power and is unwilling to be corrected, make the creation of an alternative that will consistently correct and expose the errors and agenda a top priority."

How about? >

"Straight or Spin?"

And? >

"Is the presented information: (1) accurate, (2) fair, (3) kind and (4) balanced?"

And? >

"agenda-driven (and not truth-driven, nor fair-minded in assessing claimed facts, nor even truth-seeking)"

And? >

"So, the question in their minds is not what is true, fair, gracious or balanced, but whose spin -- thus, whose agenda -- will prevail. The resulting ruthless deception and manipulation are all too apparent to those with even a modicum of the background context that allows us to sense when we are seeing propagandistic spin rather than straight news and commentary. If deception and distortion continue to prevail, the destructive consequences, too, will be all too apparent."

And? >

"I therefore trust that being so fore-warned, we will be fore-armed to personally address the issues of interest to us with a critically aware eye that first seeks those things that are true, fair, just, virtuous, wise, praiseworthy and of good report"


Well, gordy, I think that those words should be seriously considered when reading anything else you write.

It's revealing that you never apply your stated 'standards' to yourself. You obviously think that you're exempt from what you expect and demand from others. That's typical of a god-bot.