Monday, July 11, 2011

denser and denser (o'leary)

10 July 2011
Good thing someone eventually asked: What part of science does the Darwin lobby actually participate in?


I commend Thomas Cudworth’s post today to all, for raising a very good question: Do Darwin’s best known hacks and flacks do much science research. Given their other activies, like interfering with academic employment decisions and journal publications, writing hit pieces on scholars, and demanding wacky decisions from school authorities, one wonders where they would find the time.


Hey dense, tell me about all the "science research" you have ever done, and all the "science research" the ID/creation lobby has ever done.

What "scholars" are you referring to? How do you define "scholars"?

Of course you could never be accused of "writing hit pieces on scholars", could you? Actually, that's all you ever do. Hacks and flacks? Look who's talking!

Repeating lies about alleged "interference with academic employment decisions and journal publications" and "demanding wacky decisions from school authorities" just makes you out to be a dishonest moron, but then that is well known already.

You also barfed:

One curious fact is that these activists are, generally speaking, Americans talking to Americans – and their fellow Americans have displayed a low level of confidence in Darwinism for decades.

So one of three possibilities, surely:

1. Public Darwin activists in the US accurately reflect Darwin-grounded evolutionary biology, and the public – having indeed heard what they have to say – reasonably dismisses them and their icon of evolution.

2. Public Darwin activists in the US do not accurately reflect Darwin-grounded evolutionary biology. In which case, the Darwinists who do publish papers should thank them for their efforts and ask them to please desist.

3. They are all in it together to wreck any chance of Darwinism getting taken seriously. A wild card, but …

Save some of the cheese corn puffs for me.



4. Your referenced poll doesn't mean squat.

5. Most people, including Americans, don't know about or care much about evolutionary theory or Darwin.

6. Most people have been programmed since birth with religious bullshit.

7. The vast majority of people, in the USA or other countries, have never heard of you, me, "Public Darwin activists", "Darwinists", the website Uncommon Descent, Dembski, Behe, Meyer, or any other IDiots.

8. Most people don't give a shit about any of this, and are a lot more concerned with what's for lunch, what the Kardashians are up to, whether they're going to keep their job or not, or what the weather is going to be like this coming weekend.

9. You're a maroon.

10. The same as number 9.