Monday, July 11, 2011


gpuccio said:

"The war between neo-darwinism and ID is more a philosophical and cultural war than a scientific one. At the scientific level, ID is already winning, by far."

You IDiots are hung up on "winning", even though there's nothing to win. All you're concerned with is being seen as right, even when you're wrong or may be wrong. It's all a game, a contest, an ego trip, to you, that you must win at any cost.

Biological science is about investigating the biology of nature and its processes. It doesn't care about contests, games, or egos. If scientists are as biased as you claim, you and other IDiots would be able to show the smoking gun in their experimental results that supports your position once and for all, but you can't. And if any ID/creation so-called 'scientist' could show the smoking gun from their own research that supports your or their ID/creation position once and for all, they would, but they can't.

Science doesn't have all the answers to absolutely every question, and may never have, but you and your fellow ID/creationists don't have any worthwhile answers to any questions. You've got answers, but they are all based on fantasies and ego.