Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A fitting description of gordy....

in his own words:

"...murderous right-wing fundy theocratic Christofascist nut."

And since gordo presents himself as the savior of the entire world, and as a politician, this statement of his seems appropriate here:

"This madman is evidence that this thing is still with us yet, just underground. Who to tell, with a cleverer lunatic, it may yet surface in the face of a charismatic politician presenting himself as saviour of the nation or a continent or a civilisation."

And this one:

"The real issue on this point seems to be that social darwinist thought has simply gone underground, it is not truly dead, so it needs to be killed."

And then there's this from Ben (for a good laugh):


ben h


9:27 am


I appreciate your profound insites of the mind of a madman. Don’t let these darwinists tell you that you don’t know what how such insane peopl think.


The meaning of that was lost on gordy.


To see some radical, maniacal insanity from gordo and other IDiots, go here: