Thursday, July 14, 2011

The religious baggage handler argues with a scientist

My responses are in bold type.

EL: “I think that the laws of physics and chemistry gave rise to a system in which self-replicators continued to self-replicate with variance in the efficiency with which they self replicated,”

tgpeeler: "What kind of system? What are the inputs? What are the internal processes? What is the logic? What are the rules? Who determined them? What are the outputs? Who designed the overall system? Did it just happen? How? Where did the self-replicator come from? What did they look like? Why would anything replicate? Why is there a struggle for life and where did that come from? Explain that in naturalist terms. What drives the replication process? Where did the enzymes (specialized proteins) come from that are necessary for the construction of proteins? This isn’t an argument, it’s a FAIRY TALE."

And how would you answer your questions, tom? god-did-it? Who's promoting the fairy tale?

EL: “these variants arose from mutations in the molecule DNA, and organisms bearing copies of those molecules that promoted more efficient self-replication because more numerous.”

tgpeeler: "So now you’ve brought DNA, DNA, the most complex information processing system on the planet (in the universe, in all probability) into the mix with nary a word of EXPLANATION. You need it so you just assume it. Stephen J Gould (and Rudyard Kipling) called stories like this “just so stories.” There are no arguments in this. There is no evidence. There is nothing but the same, tired, trite, crap that Dawkins feeds an unsuspecting and largely unthinking public."

What's your "explanation", tom? god-did-it? Speaking of the same, just so, tired, trite, crap that you god-bots feed an unsuspecting and largely unthinking public! There is "no evidence" of your god or any other gods or any ID claims. You need it, so you assume it.

"There are no arguments in this." No arguments in what exactly?

tgpeeler: "I seem to recall a reference to you being a children’s author. Now I’ve seen a sample of your work. Don’t bother fleshing anything out. I won’t be reading it. The rest of your post is just more of the same. I’m sure you are nice lady and great at whatever it is that you do but you do not understand the first thing about reason, how it works, how you justify conclusions, nothing. So, as Ilion warned, I have finally been lizzied to death. Someone else who has a lot more time than I do can spend endless cycles trying to help you see reason. Adios."

And I'm sure you're great at being a pompous bible-thumping jerk, who is devoid of any reason.

I also see that you're still responding to or about EL on UD, even though you said you were done.

tgpeeler: "p.s. Where did you get that Ph.D.? I could use one and I have a few extra hours to burn in August…"

Do you even have a G.E.D., tom-boi?

You and ilion should get a room. You're a lovely couple.