Saturday, July 23, 2011

(more added) gordon e. mullings of Montserrat is a SERIAL RAPIST

By their own description of what rape is, ALL of the IDiots on "Uncommon Descent" are SERIAL RAPISTS, and especially gordon e. mullings (kairosfocus). gordon e. mullings of Montserrat is the most serialistic rapist on UD, but he is followed by his fellow serial rapists on UD so closely that it's a virtual tie amongst them all.

Every day the IDiot rapists BRUTALLY and MALICIOUSLY RAPE Charles Darwin, Darwinists, Darwinism, naturalists, materialists, atheists, agnostics, liberals, nihilists, theistic evolutionists, evolutionists, astronomers, scientists, science, evolutionary theory, the theory of evolution, evolutionary biology, accommodationists, the truth, and selected teachers/professors, schools and school administrators, authors/writers, peer reviewers, book reviewers, journals, journalists, publishers, bloggers, philosophers, thinkers, politicians, government officials, physicists, theorists, researchers, other religions, and anyone else they want to willfully victimize.

Their sadistic and vicious propensity for the SERIAL RAPE of the people or ideas they disagree with shows how perverted and unrepentant they are. They should write letters of profound apology to every person they've ever raped and they should publish profound apologies regarding the ideas they constantly rape in all newspapers, magazines, journals, and relevant websites every day for at least ten years. They should also write letters of profound apology to Charles Darwin and personally place the letters and fresh bouquets of flowers on Darwin's grave every day for at least ten years. While at his grave they should get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness from Darwin and his supporters and solemnly promise to never rape him, anyone else, or anything else, ever again. They should also pay substantial restitution to the many, many people they have RAPED.

The IDiots on UD are also scurrilous and slanderous, which makes them SCURRILOUS, SLANDEROUS, SERIAL RAPISTS of the worst kind. Shame on them!

Oh, and since Darwin and some of the other people they constantly RAPE are dead, they're also necrophiliacs. Double shame on them!!

How do you like dem apples, gordy, and all you other IDiots? :)

See this thread:

Pay special notice to comment number 36 by kairosfocus, and the subsequent comments by kairosfocus and others. There are also some relevant comments on the uncommonly dense thread on ATBC.

Keep in mind that barry arrington is a bloviating, dishonest asshole and that he hasn't shown any actual evidence that the alleged incident ever occurred, or any evidence of both sides of the story if it did occur. Also notice that arrington doesn't respond to any comments in the thread and that he doesn't chide kairosfocus for his accusation of "rape" against the professor or any of gordy's other asinine and accusatory remarks. barry arrington just spun a one sided story and then sat back and watched the other IDiots stoke the fire.

arrington is a lawyer, yet everything he said about the alleged incident is hearsay. What kind of lawyer would publicly post such a one sided, accusatory, steaming pile of hearsay shit? A delusional, dishonest, fairy tale promoting, bible-thumping, reality hating, insane IDiot, of course.