Saturday, July 16, 2011

A laugh a minute




12:49 am

Ilion: she’s totally on-board that train, along with all her luggage.

I agree with you. Still, you will probably agree that she is in good faith, only a little bit confused. And I would say it is not really her fault.

Strong AI and neodarwinism have been so blatantly converted into shared religions, with utter disregard of all the laws of scientific thought and of scientific pluralism, that it is no surprise that such a widespread conformism in (bad) thought has become the rule in most intelligent and sincere people, unless they are lucky enough to have been openmindedly “exposed” to more constructive patterns of scientific thinking, like ID :)


Just when I think that the IDiots on UD can't get any crazier, they always do. At least I get some laughs out of the bile they spew.

"constructive patterns of scientific thinking, like ID"


Yeah, that's why all those "scientific thinking" ID 'scientists' are publishing "scientific" ID papers and presenting them at science conferences/conventions. Oh, and that's why they've won so many Nobel Prizes for their "scientific" ID research too!

Hey gpuccio and ilion, look at a mirror if you want to see who's "confused", and I mean a LOT confused.

Ya know, it's funny that you god-bots talk about free will so much, and claim to have it, but you never use it and apparently don't have it. If you do have free will, and don't allow yourselves to think outside your religiously programmed box, you're at fault. You're like wind-up tin soldiers, all marching to the same programmed, unthinking drumbeat.

Cue the drummer....