Sunday, July 10, 2011

And you've published??


Upright BiPed


5:02 pm


Years of culture-war politics, and your well-organized indifference to evidence, has wilted your ability to comprehend the central key fact of the debate. Let me help you out.

It doesn’t matter what was, or was not, included in an attempted school book. It doesn’t matter who the proponents of ID are, or what things they may have said at this time or that. It doesn’t even matter that there is a politically powerful lobby against ID. Those things may be interesting and important for their own reasons, but they do not change the only thing that really matters – and that is the evidence itself.

The core evidence of design boils down to a central claim regarding the explanatory power of two distinct paradigms: Chance contingency + natural law -versus- choice contingency + natural law. At that critical level of the evidence, you have never published a single paper of experimental results which confirms your ideological assumptions.

Nor has anone else.


I wonder if you, uptightbiped, can direct me to all the published papers (especially those you authored) of experimental results which confirm your ideological (religious and ID) assumptions?

Can you also point me to the "critical level" "evidence" of experimental results which confirms your ideological (religious and ID) assumptions?

I await.