Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's see you do it then

kairosfocus says:

"I see where Seversky [aka MG? at minimum, of the same ilk] is still propagating the demonstrably false talking point at Anti-evo that CSI cannot reasonably be calculated."

Okay gordy, let's see you calculate the CSI in a banana, a 747, a slug, a pelican, a Gold nugget, a meteorite, a pubic hair, an alligator egg, a human, and a Sequoia tree. Show all your calculations.

By the way, what's with the "aka MG?" crap? You're not trying to 'out' Seversky or MG or invade their privacy, are you? You're not trying to menace, harm, threaten, or harass them and their "ilk", are you? You're not making them and their "ilk" a "target", are you? You're not using some "Alynsky" method to personally attack them, are you? You're not using "Mafioso thug style" tactics, are you? You're not "cyberstalking" them and their "ilk", are you? That's mighty christian of ya.

Oh, and Patrick has already said that he's MathGrrl, and Seversky has said that he is not Patrick or MathGrrl, which is obvious anyway to anyone with a clue (which you don't have).

And why are you not allowing comments on all of your recent posts on UD? Are you afraid of seeing questions or opposing comments? Poor baby, you and your cowardly "ilk" just can't handle questions, the truth, or reality, can you? By not allowing comments, and hiding behind the discriminatory blocking and banning at UD, you can dishonestly claim that your opposers are "silent" on the issues. How convenient for you.