Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh really?




6:59 pm

I always find it tellling when atheists make the unsupportable claim “there is no evidence for god” … not only an impossible claim to support, but factually untrue.

Testimony is evidence by definition. Logical argument is evidence by definition. And then we have the fine tuning scientific evidence.

There’s plenty of evidence for a god (god as first cause/sufficient cause, creator of a fine-tuned cosmos, source of free will & good); and – as far as I know – no positive evidence that there is no god.

One must willfully ignore or simply dismiss the monumental ocean of evidence for god, or simply be ignorant of it, in order to simply maintain a weak atheist position.

Strong atheism, however, in the face of such evidence, is simply prideful defiance … or madness.


Actually, meleagar, it's easy to support the claim that there is no evidence for god, or "a" god, because there is NO evidence, factual or monumental, or otherwise.

"Testimony is evidence by definition."??

Okay, I'm hereby testifying that the flying spaghetti monster created and designed the universe. Since that is my "testimony", it must be evidential and true. I'm glad that's now settled for all time.

Madness is believing in fairy tales that have no supporting evidence, and trying to convince, coerce, or force others to believe in them too.

meleagar, you're a brain-dead IDiot, and your "argument" is as illogical as it's possible to be. You're the one with "prideful defiance".