Friday, July 8, 2011

selling soap

Imagine that the people trying to sell ID 'theory' are instead trying to sell their own brand of soap. Think of all the things that are said by IDiots in the attempt to sell their so-called 'theory'.

Would you buy ID soap if the proponents of it constantly attack, insult, ridicule, condemn, and lie about the maker (and the supporters) of another soap that is established and works quite well, and if they constantly accuse the maker (and supporters) of the other soap of being liars about the formula and performance of their soap, even though the makers and supporters of that other soap make their formula, method, and performance publicly available?

Would you buy ID soap that isn't tested, isn't defined, isn't described or explained in a way that makes sense, isn't demonstrated, has conflicting or confusing claims made by its own proponents about its alleged use and performance, and has no legitimate evidence or examples of its alleged practical use or performance?

Would you buy the ID soap if its proponents do every dishonest and diversionary thing they can think of to avoid answering reasonable questions or challenges about it, and silence (ban) or attempt to silence the people asking the questions or posing the challenges?

Would you buy the ID soap if its proponents claimed that it has world changing performance, but that the performance should be obvious, simply because they say so, and need not be actually tested or verified by them on a variety of items, and that it should be eagerly tested and verified by the already established soap maker?

Anyone want to buy some soap?