Friday, July 8, 2011

The tard goes on and on

kairosfocus: "For the issue in all empirical investigations will be that there is always a way to construct some outlandish alternative that would sweep away all possibilities of reasoned scientific or forensic investigations. Like, we are all brains in vats dreaming that we share a common world, etc."

Or, like your asinine fairy tale religious beliefs.

kairosfocus: "The best reply to such is that hey would reduce our reasoning to utter delusion, and so we should not resort to such absent positive direct proof."


kairosfocus: "Which of course proposers of such outlandish scenarios can never deliver."


kairosfocus: "Science is not about investigating the supernatural, but it is about investigating cause effect pattens on empirically reliable signs. Which may in certain cases, point beyond a world of cause and effect driven by chance circumstances, noise interference, and mechanical necessity."

So then, you're saying that science is not about investigating the supernatural, but that scientific investigations may point to the supernatural. You're a fucking loon. In case no one has ever told you, dipshit, just because some things are not known, doesn't mean they're supernatural. Pull your fat head out of your festering ass.

And there's a lot more to reality than just "chance circumstances, noise interference, and mechanical necessity". Do you really believe that reducing science and reality to your ignorant strawman caricatures is going to support your position? Yeah, I know, you do believe that, but then you believe a lot of unrealistic, moronic things.