Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yep, gordon is really concerned about the privacy of his family..., over at UD he posted this:

"I have a mother, I had grandmas, I have a wife, I had a mother in law, I have sisters in law, I have second mothers of the heart of several races and nationalities, I have aunts, one semi-official big sister, many other sisters of the heart [I just responded by email to one who just got married], I have a daughter, I have daughters of the heart."

Thanks for making that information public, gordy. Say hi to all of them for me, and yes, you're still an abusive, delusional prick.

If anyone wants to see some examples of gordy flippin' his wig, and revealing what a pompous ass he is, see his comments in these:

Hmm, I wonder if he plans on dropping an atom bomb on me? LOL