Wednesday, August 31, 2011

About the uncommonly dense thread on ATBC

Some of you in that thread are starting to sound as paranoid and hypocritical as gordo and his IDiot comrades. Any information or photos I post here about the IDiots are either something I found at a public place on the web or what someone else found at a public place on the web. I don't have spies looking through their windows.

You people have been ridiculing IDiots for years, and posting pictures of them, but for some strange reason some of you have a problem with me doing the same thing. I asked for information or pictures simply because I might not know where to look for them on the web, and other people might have something interesting that I may never find. You guys share information and photos, don't you? It isn't like you all found everything you've ever written on ATBC or elsewhere, and every photo you've ever posted on ATBC or elsewhere, all by yourself, is it?

People like gordon e. mullings (and most or all of the other IDiots) have no qualms about publicizing whatever they can find about their 'opponents'. They even make up massive lies just to accuse and demonize anyone they feel like accusing and demonizing. Why the fuck should I refrain from publicizing the truth about them, no matter what it is?? They make THEMSELVES fair game.