Tuesday, August 23, 2011

eric holloway, expert in dipshitery

My responses are in bold type.

holloway ignorantly blurted:

"We’ve all noticed the ID critics all speak outside of their realm of expertise."

Of course you IDiots NEVER do that, do you?

"Biologists expound their expert opinions on mathematics, mathematicians make claims about computer science, and computer scientists think they know it all when it comes to evolution."

And you brain-dead religious morons expound your worthless opinions, and think you know it all, on evolution, evolutionary theory and every other aspect of science, history, philosophy, worldviews, morality, politics, and everything else in the universe.

"So, I thought, what happens if I only listen to their opinions in their actual realms of expertise?"

Well, you might learn something if you stop listening to delusional godbots who have no expertise in anything but promoting fairy tales.

"Here’s a mathematician, MarkCC, author of the blog “Good Math, Bad Math.”

What’s his expertise? Math."

Um, actually he has a PhD in computer science, and obviously has expertise in math too. From his profile: "Mark Chu-Carroll (aka MarkCC) is a PhD Computer Scientist, who works for Google as a Software Engineer. My professional interests center on programming languages and tools, and how to improve the languages and tools that are used for building complex software systems."

"What does he say about Dembski’s mathematics?

“he’s actually a decent mathematician”"

And what is Dembski's field of "expertise"? Evolutionary biology? Computer science? Paleontology? Physics? Geology? Astronomy? Or pimping shitty books and religious fairy tales?

"What is not his expertise? Computer science. What does he say in the domain of computer science?"

See above about MarkCC's profile, you IDiot.

holloway said a lot more bullshit but none of it is worth bothering with.

eric holloway
Still waiting for puberty to kick in.