Monday, August 8, 2011

All that crap....




6:04 am

Dr Liddle:

The reason why CSI would be vanishingly unlikely to emerge by forces and processes of blind chance and mechanical necessity have been explained to you repeatedly.

If you take the equivalent of a one-straw sample from a cubical hay bale a light month across, at random or by a combination of random walk and trial and error success leading to improved solutions once a first success has been found, the problem is that you are not credibly going to get to needle instead of hay in the stack.

And that is the ratio of the ptqs resources of our solar system tot he space of configs of just 500 bits or 72 ASCII characters. so, if I see 73 or more characters worth of functionally specific info UNrepresentative of the set of all possibilities — mostly gibberish — i have excellent reason to infer design on seeing this sign.

For more detail cf here.

You are free to hold your own views, but if you think mere objection or imagination of a wonderful path to complexity that starts from just about anywhere and proceeds by nice easy steps up Mt Improbable, suffices to overwhelm a search challenge like this, we are entitled to draw our own conclusions.

One of these is that a one straw size sample from a one light month size haystack, is not going to be at all likely to pick up anything but hay. And that sample is the whole solar system racing away at a state per Planck time for 5 – 20 BY.

For just 500 bits, the evidence on life forms is that 100,000 bits is more like the threshold for a living cell.

The evidence for design as key causal process for life forms, from the first body plan to our own, is overwhelming. Save, if one has swallowed materialistic a priorism as a censoring constraint; often under the disguise that science may only infer to “natural causes” where the contrast made is to the despised “supernatural” — but where the real issue [since PLATO] is nature vs art on empirically tested reliable signs.



....and you still haven't, and can't, calculate the "CSI" in a banana or anything else. You're a fucking joke, gordo.