Wednesday, August 10, 2011

vjtorley, trying hard to match gordy's insanity, dishonesty, and cowardice

torley pukes:

"Intelligent Design, as readers of Uncommon Descent are well aware, is a scientific quest for patterns in Nature which exhibit signs of being the product of some intelligence...."

And: "The scientific case for Intelligent Design can be made without invoking any sacred book, and the Intelligent Design movement has no official position on the identity of the Designer."

UD says it is "Serving the Intelligent Design Community".

So, if UD is serving the ID community and ID is scientific, they WHY are there SO MANY articles and comments about religion and religious beliefs?

The statements by torley above were made in this thread, which is about the fucking bible! What does the bible (a 'sacred book') have to do with a "scientific quest"?

Hey vince, who do you think you're fooling besides your fellow delusional, dishonest IDiots? ID is strictly a corrupt and insidious religious and political agenda.