Tuesday, August 2, 2011


vjtorley says:

"Since thinking is an immaterial activity, any physicalistic account of its origin is impossible in principle."

"Reasoning is an immaterial activity. This means that reasoning doesn’t happen anywhere"

"In practical situations, immaterial acts of choice are realized as a selection from one of a large number of randomly generated possible pathways."

"In any case, I hope you would agree that God is incorporeal and can move things by His will alone."

"Mind and body are not two things; each of us is one being."

"For my part, I don’t equate personal identity to brain identity. If my head could be transplanted to someone else’s body, I don’t think it would be me. I think my identity is bound up with my nervous system as well as my brain, and if someone’s brain were transplanted into my body, I think that body would still be me."

"Regarding your question on paralysis: I understand that paralysis is most often caused by damage in the nervous system, especially the spinal cord. I’d explain it by saying that probably the only areas of our bodies that move in response to acts of will on our part are regions of the motor homunculus. Certainly anything below the neck is not directly responsive to our will."


Yeah, my eyes close and open just by telepathically asserting my will, not because of any connection through my nervous system between my eyes and my brain. When I smile or chew, that's a telepathic assertion of my will too.

Hmm, I wonder, if someone took out vince's physical pea brain, would he still be able to think? Okay, I know, he can't think even with his pea brain.