Sunday, August 7, 2011

The depths of IDiocy




6:19 pm

DrRec @ 4,
What great scientistical faith and credulity you must have, that you can believe that reptiles, and fairly large ones at that, could have lived within either artic circle.

Believing that the continents have floated around, such that territory once in the tropics is now arctic, is at least credible. But, to believe that territory which receives little to no light or heat for six months or more at a time can support a complex flora and fauna, of the sort that lives on and depends upon solar irradiation, seems to require the sort of credulity that only Darwinists, in this age of rampant skepticism, seem able to muster up.


So, according to you, there was no "complex flora and fauna" within either arctic circle during the Cretaceous, and thus there's no "complex flora and fauna" within either arctic circle nowadays. Have you ever read or studied anything but your book of fairy tales called the bible?

And dinosaurs weren't ordinary "reptiles". Put down your fairy tale book and look up some information on dinosaur endothermy, migration, and hibernation.

Here's something else you should read:

There is a lot more on ancient climate but you can look it up yourself. Of course you won't though, because you might actually learn something worthwhile, and that would be way too much for your pea brain to bear.