Friday, August 26, 2011

Speaking of wasted lives

Wasted Lives
August 26, 2011
Posted by GilDodgen under Intelligent Design

It is now clear that the two essential foundations of Darwinian speculation are in a state of complete evidential and combinatorial mathematical collapse.

The first foundation of Darwinian speculation is gradualism, which is nowhere to be found in the fossil record, unless one has an incredibly creative imagination and a propensity for making up unsubstantiated stories.

The second foundation of Darwinian speculation is that random errors can produce highly sophisticated computer code. This is transparently absurd and illogical.

It is really pathetic, when one thinks about it, that so many intellectual and investigative resources have been squandered on what is now known to be complete nonsense.

Many brilliant people, who could have done something productive and creative with their lives, have squandered their lives pursuing the phantom of Darwinian speculation. They’ve earned Ph.D.’s in something that never happened, and earn their salaries in academia “teaching” others to pursue a dead-end, archaic, 19th-century philosophy that has nothing to do with legitimate science.

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That post may be the most transparently absurd and illogical, unsubstantiated, unsophisticated, non-intellectual, non-productive, non-creative, non-legitimately-scientific, non-essential, pathetic, delusional, arrogant, mind-bendingly stupid pile of shit that I've ever seen on UD.

gildo, your insanity knows no bounds.