Sunday, August 21, 2011

conceded? LMAO!

August 21, 2011 at 5:41 pm


It seems the key point has been conceded.

Game over, case closed.



You wish, gordo.

Why don't you try arguing your swill here, or on other sites where lots of people who disagree with you aren't blocked and banned? Then you can really see if anyone concedes. You DO want an "open and honest discussion", don't you? Your 'morals' require that, don't they? Oh wait, the "might" of the UD moderators "makes right", right? Stifling the opposition is the very thing that you and the other IDiots are always bitching about (when you're the opposition), yet you hypocrites are the ones who DO THAT VERY THING, and then you falsely and arrogantly claim victory when you know that most of the people who want to tell you that you're wrong aren't even allowed to speak on UD.

Come out from behind your protective wall at UD and see how far you get with your insane, cowardly, dishonest bullshit, gordo. Preaching to the choir doesn't accomplish squat. You're a gutless, lying crybaby with no morals at all.