Monday, August 8, 2011

gordo has been hittin' the sauce again

Check out this sanctimonious mess:




6:53 am

PS: FG was corrected in several threads over the weekend, but has insisted on disregarding the above summarised and linked correction on a lame excuse — s/he finds it hard to follow so s/he will act as though it is not there — in order to push the drumbeat objection above ass thought here is not an obvious and long since corrected error in it. If you have a problem with the issues of cause and contingent vs necessary being, then you should be asking questions and working through answers, not pushing fallacious talking points.

–> Otherwise, FG, you are being irresponsible — and after a certain point of repeatedly disregarding corrections so you either know or should know the truth on the matter but are refusing to acknowledge it — willfully deceptive.


"ass thought"?