Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Really?

An IDiot says:


Eric Anderson


10:41 am

The demand that others “provide an alternative theory” is typically a defense mechanism by someone who doesn’t want to acknowledge that there are serious objections to their own theory.


Then tell me, eric, why do you IDiots expect science to not only "provide" theories that explain every aspect of nature, but to PROVE all theories that you think challenge your religious beliefs?

And, why is it that ALL you IDiots ever do is attack scientific theories? If your so-called 'scientific ID theory' is solid and has no serious objections (ha ha), then why do you IDiots demand that science must not only prove yours wrong, but must provide alternatives where every step is proven beyond any doubt whatsoever?

When are you IDiots going to show any actual scientific evidence that supports your so-called 'scientific theory' and when are you going to prove your so-called 'scientific theory' (and every step) beyond any doubt whatsoever?

Science looks for and works with evidence. You IDiots just make shit up, and believe in fairy tales.