Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A point about the lies... this post from gordon e. mullings:




5:35 pm

F/N: I found another site that helps those caught up in sexual bondages here.

This gives some significant additional perspective on Mrs Bachmann’s remarks on having and needing to help family caught up in such problems. This whole area has potential to wreck our civilisation, by breaking down family life and social stability leading to chaos and the cry for someone to restore order.

For a fascist messianic political messiah, in short. (And yes, fascism — properly understood — is an ideology of the LEFT, just, not quite as left as Marx and co.)

If you want my view on political messiahs of any stripe, here it is. Demonic, destructive idolatry, in three words.

That’s what wrecked my homeland, and I would not wish that on any other land.

(And for those UD-obsessed anti evo folks ever eager to find my imagined theocratic angle etc, here is where I have laid out my thoughts on the matter, as a Christian thinker and dyed- in- the- wool, anti- messianic- pol, small-d democrat [spell that MNM vs EPGS if you can figure out the initials . . . ] Also, by now you should be tired of being scornful, potty mouthed, supercilious and locked into the pretence that when you say “we know you, we know where you are, we know those you care for” it will not properly be taken as a threat by a reasonable person. Sorry, you tripped a nuke trip-wire there, and you cannot take it back now or pretend that “a nuh nutten.” It’s bydand time. Onlookers, cf here on what is really going on.)

PS: Abraham Kuyper is a serious name indeed and his Stone lectures at Princeton in 1898 are still well worth reading. I found in them much food for thought.


For months gordon e. mullings (kairosfocus) has accused me of threatening his family with "mafioso style threats" and has attributed certain words to me: “we know you, we know where you are, we know those you care for”. Until now he has italicized those words to give the deceitful impression that they are an exact quote, and now he is actually using quote marks.

I NEVER said those words to him or his family, and I NEVER made any threats. He is willfully and blatantly lying. And he's the one who goes on and on and on about morality, truth, honesty, etc., etc., etc. Yeah, "Christian" gordon e. mullings of Montserrat, is the lowest scum of the scum.

"It's bydand time."?? Hey gordo, take your "bydand" and shove it up your ass, you gutless coward and liar. You're a wimp, a sissy, and a punk. You've got absolutely no morals, or courage. You're a blight on society and humanity.