Monday, August 15, 2011

Thnks gordy...

...for providing n rgument tht helps support the ToE.

(My keybord is messed up so there's letter missing in some words).

Here's gordo's rgument:

August 15, 2011 at 8:44 am

Dr Liddle

Have you ever seen how a natural fibre rope is made up from weak, short strands twisted to form long strands, counter-twisted to form a long, strong rope?

It is a fallacy of composition to infer form the weakness of the component to the weakness of the whole, particularly when we deal with a cumulative and significantly inductive case where we must exert consistent standards in warrant.

What is needed is to see how, like the fibres and strands of a rope, the various components interact. If they do so in an appropriate way, the whole can indeed be far stronger than you would expect from the components in isolation.

I therefore suggest you spend a few moments here, which addresses the very question.



The ToE is mde up of strnds (components) nd you IDiots ttck every strnd (component) tht you think is wek. You pounce on every little thing tht you think flsifies the whole ToE. You morons re constntly climing tht the ToE is completely flse just becuse you think tht one component is wek. On the other hnd, you hve NO evidence for your clims. Your evidence isn't wek, it's nonexistent. You hve no strnds or rope. You hve delusions nd bullshit.

gordo's rgument cn be used ginst ll of the ssertions from IDiots who sy tht some prts of the Toe re wek. Remind them (nd him) of his words whenever you see them (or him) ttcking ny strnd (component) of evolutionry theory.

You know, it's interesting tht my broken keybord seems to be helping me mke my point. There's strnd (letter) missing from mny words in this post, but this post still exists, cn still be understood, nd is still vlid.