Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fuck you gordon e. mullings

gordo shat: " theory objector FG (in ducking out of further discussion) says..."

Ducking out? You, gordo, of all people shouldn't be accusing anyone of "ducking out". You are as big a coward as the world has ever seen and you 'duck out' CONSTANTLY. You NEVER leave your chosen sanctuarys (UD and your site). You're a sniveling, whining crybaby with no courage whatsoever.

In the same thread, gordo upchucks this:




12:22 pm


I am making the level of debate being raised by objectors to design theory a matter of record.

And, I am underscoring the exposure in recent months of the tactic of drumbeat repetition used by objectors to ID to make their talking points seem more credible than they are on the merits.


PS: What I find truly astonishing is the refusal to do the simple experiment of tilting a half burned match head up, and reflecting on the implications for causality, for the reality of necessary causal factors, and for contingency vs necessity of being. All of these lie behind what happens when the flame can no longer access fresh fuel and goes out. (When I compare the tone of the references where they said that certain opponents of Galileo refused to look through his telescope, I can only shake my head.)


It was the catholic church that stifled and imprisoned Galileo, dumbass! Yeah, moronic religious freaks like you who believed in fairy tales and wouldn't listen to a scientist.

You're the one with the tactic of drumbeat repetition of worthless talking points. You say the same asinine things over and over and over and over and over and over and it is still, and always will be, just a pile of steaming, festering shit.

Matter of record? The "record" clearly and abundantly shows that you are a bloviating, lying ignoramus with delusions of god-hood.

Tell you what, gordo, why don't you do the world a favor and light yourself on fire with a match? You are definitely NOT a 'necessary being'.

What I find truly astonishing is that the insane asylum you're in lets you use a computer.