Tuesday, August 9, 2011

eenie meenie minee moe....

...catch a god by his toe.




11:42 pm


Sure, I can understand how the JudeoChristian God could drive people away, but it’s not like it’s the only choice.

Because if design of that kind is treated as a live option, then – on those terms alone – the Judeo-Christian God becomes a live option. The muslim God becomes a live option. Many other God(s) and gods become live options. This can be emotionally inconvenient (Thomas Nagel’s “I don’t want to live in a universe like that”), politically/socially inconvenient (These people with these religious beliefs I detest may possibly be right), or otherwise.

I’m not saying every design skeptic thinks like this, but you asked why would anyone embrace some kind of utterly materialist/atheistic worldview given the range of possibilities. My response is, because possibilities can scare the hell out of people, theist and atheist. With the Cult of Gnu, I think it’s pretty clear why they do the dance they do.


Yep, just choose whatever god is handy. It doesn't really matter which one. LMAO!

Hey null-boi, possibilities don't "scare" me at all. It's you religious zombie IDiots who are afraid of possibilities, and reality. You're the ones who need an imaginary sky-daddy to try to make yourselves feel secure, yet you're still insecure. Maybe it's because you 'fear' the 'lord' you chose. I would think that people who want to believe in made-up gods would at least make one up that they don't have to fear. You morons just love to be fearful, don't you?