Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies
kairosfocusAugust 18, 2011 at 7:49 am


The above shows how Dr Bot is not being serious in any way worth a further discussion.

I speak for record.

I pointed out above in outline again the specific reason for inferring on FSCI to intelligence. Dr Bot’s dismissal attempt was to say this was to humans not to intelligence. I pointed out the reason why I draw the distinction, with evidence. He then accuses of circularity, failing to address evidence. For just one aspect, what part of say a beaver making a dam adapted to the particular trees and location is human? Or, since when do we infer to “human” instead of computer engineer when we see the functionally specific complex organisation and information in a computer? For that matter, when I pointed to the prospect of artificially intelligent machines, such as R Daneel Olivaw, as illustrating how non-human intelligences on say the Smith Cybernetic model, could be developed, what did that show but that I am — and have long been — open to other cases?

The first suffices to show that we have observed cases of relevant non-human intelligence building entities that exhibit FSCO/I, and the second to show that merely being human does not equip one to do particular instances of design. the third, where I point to an architecture that opens up a whole world of possibilities, and conceptual possibilities, shows that I am open to different architectures of intelligence.

So, “human” and intelligent designer cannot be equivalent.

The accusation of circularity on inferring inductively from tested, reliable signs of intelligence to intelligence as their most credible cause, through trying to substitute “human” for “intelligent,” is therefore absurd on its face.

Failure to respond seriously shows that the intent is to ridicule and dismiss, not to seriously deal with serious matters, that for instance impinge on whether soul/mind is real and independent of matter.

He also tried a straight unwarranted turnabout to my highlighting a common uncivil rhetorical pattern [and remember I am currently dealing with a case where this has now amounted to making threats against my family]. When I pointed out that he was making unwarranted accusations in an obvious turnabout, which is atmosphere-poisoning, instead of dealing with matters on the merits, he tried another round of unwarranted accusation.

Sorry, this is going nowhere where reasonable people want to go.

And, Dr Bot the above is a sorry record that you have made; please, please, please do better than that.

Good day.


From this thread:


You speak for "record"? Is that supposed to impress anyone? Is there some official "record" that some panel of angels is keeping that will be checked when determining who gets into heaven, and who goes to hell? Is this so called "record" something that you imagine in your delusional pea brain that makes you feel as though you actually have importance? Is it, along with the rest of your pomposity, just a bloviating talking point that means absolutely nothing? I already know the answers.

Nothing you say, gordo, is "worth" a "discussion", and nothing you say is going where reasonable people want to go. Everything you have ever said is "a sorry record that you have made", and you should take your extremely arrogant "do better than that" spewage and shove it up your butthole. You're NOT the arbiter of what's right or wrong. You're just a braindead ineffective blowhard.

Speaking of poisoning the atmosphere, every word that comes out of your slobbering, diseased, lying mouth is poison. "I am currently dealing with a case where this has now amounted to making threats against my family". Really gordo? Let's see your evidence? Show the alleged "threats". Exactly what are you doing to 'deal' with them? Do you have Interpol, the FBI, and the Jamaican Constabulary Force working on the case? How about Chief Inspector Clouseau? Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson? Poirot? Is an arrest imminent? Will federal marshals and swat teams be showing up at my door soon?

You are really, really, really fucked up gordo. Really.