Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ftk (from ATBC)

Ftk, I can see why you get so much shit on ATBC. You deserve it. You're as fucked up as anyone on UD. And if you really think that the IDiots on UD aren't a malicious pack of slobbering, chronic liars, then you need to get your head examined (which would be a good idea regardless).

kairosfocus likes to use the word "willful" when describing what he erroneously and arrogantly perceives as the wrongful words or actions of others. Well, kairosfocus (gordon e. mullings) and all the other IDiots are "willful" in their lies, distortions, ignorance, deceit, false accusations, dishonest denials, misrepresentations, insults, attacks, and other wrongful words or actions. They know or should know that they are just a bunch of religious, narcissistic, reality hating/fearing loons who make shit up as they go along. You fit right in with them.