Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a steaming pile of horse shit

Michael Servetus
August 21, 2011 at 7:58 pm

You can indeed blame immorality and troubles on atheism. I disagree with Elizabeth and others who try to argue one cannot. Talkers such as these will always point out the alleged bad behavior of various believers but fail to recongnize the obvious truth that people who behave in this way are behaving –as what?– when they do these things– UNBELIVERS. They may be called Christians or Catholics or whatever but the religion they sometimes profess to be a part of, denounces and rejects them and goes onto deny them the right to call themselves that which is sacred and clearly defined. It is thus very easy to see that when people are doing ungodly and unchristian things they are behaving like , well, atheists , as in without God.
So if you take a person that the bible or tradition itslef casts out as a hypocrite and unbeliever and insist defiantly as calling him or her a believer for purpose of slander, reproach and advantage in debate or argument, you behave dishonestly.
This is not the same as saying all atheists will act like ungodly devils because conversely the truth is, that when a atheists behaves morally he or she is not behaving consistently with thier worldview but are also behaving hypocritically in a sense and behaving as religous moral people who believe in unprovable absolutes and fixed oughts which according to their worldview have no basis in ultimate reality.


"You can indeed blame immorality and troubles on atheism."

You're full of it. You really ought to pay more attention to all of the atrocities committed by religious people, throughout the history of humans and religious beliefs, and still occurring on a regular basis now.

And why is it that you religious hypocritical IDiots never denounce the terrible things that religious people do? You always blame all of the bad shit on atheists, even when atheists have nothing at all to do with it! When am I going to see articles on UD that condemn religious monsters?