Monday, August 8, 2011

nullasalus showing his christian civility and love




2:57 am


Nullaslus – I found your comment to be quite unfounded –

Please. Coyne is, as far as ‘atheist thought’ goes, exactly what I labeled him as: A blowhard who largely gets by on parroting things he doesn’t understand, and perpetuating myths. If you read his writings on religion and atheism and think otherwise, I suggest the problem lies with you, not me.

Your comment comes across as little more than an ad hominem, and a rather mean-spirited one at that.

Mean spirited? Boo freaking hoo. Coyne regularly behaves like a horse’s ass when it comes to discussing the beliefs of religious people, but dismiss him for the hack he is and his admirers need band-aids for their boo-boos.

And ad hominem? Are you another one of those people who throws around terms like that without bothering to read up on what they actually mean?


Hey null-boi, go fuck yourself, you two-faced, arrogant, myth perpetuating, parroting, cowardly, uneducated, IDiotic, crybaby blowhard sphincter. How's that for an "ad hominem"? LOL

Something that always makes me laugh is that you religious zombies think that you know exactly how and what every atheist thinks or believes, but you don't give any credit to any atheists for knowing how or what you godbots think and believe.

It's actually really easy to know how or what a godbot thinks and believes. You're the ones with the simple minds. You're the ones with no desire to learn anything about nature/reality. You're the ones who are paranoid and delusional. You're the ones who are deaf in advance. You're the ones whose entire belief system and thought process is based on ancient fairy tales, narcissism, fear, and arrogance. And it doesn't matter whether we atheists get every stinking detail right about the way you religious zombies think. All we have to know is that you're all extremely limited, and insane.