Saturday, August 13, 2011


nwrickert said something in a comment that gave me an idea:

You all might have noticed that the IDiots on UD, and elsewhere, often say things that disagree with or contradict what other IDiots say, about their religious beliefs or about the so-called 'ID theory/inference'.

The so-called 'ID theory/inference' is a mass of confusion, disagreements, and contradictions, and it's because it's all just uncoordinated, made up bullshit. All of the IDiots have their own particular beliefs and their own interpretations of their religion and the 'ID theory/inference', and of course their ID beliefs are based on their religious beliefs.

Science has its own confusion, disagreements, and contradictions, but in science all of that stuff is usually worked out eventually and at least there's actual evidence on which to base interpretations. Many, many things in science are settled and have been for a long time. Nothing is settled in religion or ID, and that's because there's nothing to settle. It's all fairy tales, and interpretations of the fairy tales. There's no evidence.

When it comes to religious fairy tales and the innumerable interpretations/opinions, there's no solid foundation or scientific method, so anyone can add to, subtract from, or manipulate any part of the fairy tales as much as they want, and still believe that they're right. I've read that there are nearly 40,000 denominations of christianity alone, and I can only imagine how many versions there are of all religions. Fairy tales are easy to modify, for your own particular tastes.

Take a good look at what the IDiots say about ID. Notice all the 'versions' there are. The only thing the IDiots actually have in common is that they're all religious, insane, and arrogant, they all hate and fear science, atheists, materialists, reality, evolutionists, "Darwinists", and Darwin, and will tolerate almost anyone in their club, no matter how crazy and ill-informed they are, as long as they promote ID.