Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wow (3)

A Theoretical Astrophysicist Illustrates Why There Are Almost No Genuine Atheists

David Klinghoffer


Hey david, you're a dolt. Atheists don't have to "show some evidence that" they "know something about the God" "they claim to reject". I'd bet that you reject all of the gods that humans have thought up, but one, and I'd be willing to bet that you don't "know" anything about any of the gods that you reject. In fact, you don't "know" anything about the so-called god that you accept and believe in.

You godbots always claim to "know" all about whatever god you choose to believe in, but it's all arrogance. You don't "know" any more about any so-called god than a bacterium or a rock does. What you think you "know" about your chosen god is just a bunch of fairy tales passed down from other arrogant, delusional, paranoid, superstitious morons like you.

Anything that anyone thinks they "know" about any so-called god is just made up bullshit.