Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Psst, gordo, are you there?

Quit blaming MarkF for things that he has absolutely nothing to do with. He's not my keeper and is not responsible for what I say or do.

Why don't you come here and face me gordo? Why don't you take up your complaints about me, with me? Why don't you quit hiding at UD and show me some of that bydand stuff? Why don't you have the guts to step out of the UD echo chamber? Why are you such a sniveling coward? Didn't your god give you any courage? What are you afraid of? The only person stopping you is you.

I was banned from UD even though I was civil when posting there, and I have submitted posts several times at your site but you never publish them. I'm not afraid of you or anyone else, gordo. Why are you and most of your IDiot comrades so afraid to speak directly to your opponents, where you don't have the power of blocking and banning?