Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The old fine tuning bullshit




7:06 am

F/N: gotta go bailing out water coming in over the gunnels, but the contingency has a separate dimension that would hold even in a temporally infinite cosmos. think about the contingency of the cosmos as a going concern: do we have reason to imagine that it cannot end? And, what about the factors that seem to be just this way and not that, which go together to make it habitable for our type of life? (Remember on this, the cosmos seems to be finely balanced as to mass as the ratio of a grain of sand to all the atomic matter out there. And yup I am being very specific in terminology.)

Ah gawn . . .


"to make it habitable for our type of life"?

Of course it couldn't be the other way around, could it gordo? In other words, life, whether "our type" or otherwise, just couldn't have adapted/evolved to the conditions of the environment?

If the universe is fine tuned for "our type of life", why can't I fly through space at any speed I choose, like a trillion times the speed of light, and without a protective spaceship? Why can't I dive to the deepest parts of the oceans without a protective submarine? Why can't I live forever? Why does anything die? Why can't I breathe water, or methane? Why can't people live on Venus without protection, and supplies from Earth? Why are there so many things that are harmful to or impossible for "our type of life"?

And if the universe is fine tuned for "our type of life", why aren't there still T-Rexs or Titanotheres running around? Why does anything go extinct?