Monday, July 4, 2011

According to ilion

"There are no other options to offer as a general explanation for why any person persists to asserting what is false, but these three:

1) the person simply lacks the intellect to understand the truth of the mater;

2) the person misunderstands or lacks some logically prior necessary knowledge, possession or understanding of which would allow him to recognize the truth of the matter and so correct his error;

3) the person simply is uninterested in understanding (or stating) the truth of the matter."


Trouble is, he points that at 'materialists' or anyone else who doesn't obediently agree with him and the other IDiots.

What you said there, ilion, applies to you and your fellow "uninterested in understanding (or stating) the truth of the matter" IDiots.

By the way, is being sanctimonious one of the ten commandments?