Monday, July 4, 2011

Speaking of absurdities of logic




10:04 am

BA77: “It is interesting to note that materialists, instead of honestly dealing with the obvious theistic implications for ’cause’ as to quantum wave collapse, will many times invoke Everett’s Many Worlds interpretation, also referred to as decoherence, when dealing with quantum mechanics. Yet this ‘solution’ ends up creating profound absurdities of logic rather than providing any rational solution …”

Materialists/atheists will *always* retreat into absurdity and irrationality when pressed decisively, so as to protect their God-denial from serious evaluation. Their much self-touted commitment to ‘science’ and rationality is but a self-serving veneer; they can (and will) chuck it in an instant.

That's from this thread:

Tell ya what, ba77 and ilion, let's see you prove that your chosen god exists. Be sure to use only "logic" and "rationality" in doing so, with no religious, self-serving, self-righteous veneer. Bring it on.

bornagain77 says: ",,, not what you think or believe Elizabeth, "but what can you prove???,,,"

And: "Elizabeth and so the story goes!!! and your concrete proof for all this is what?"

Hey bloviating-again, since you expect and demand proof from others, let's see you provide it for YOUR claims. Come on bible-boi, show your concrete proof!

By the way, I thought you IDiots claim that ID is scientific, not religious? LMAO!