Friday, July 8, 2011

All science so far!

See this swill:

gildo, you don't have a clue about science. What science have you ever done?

"The evidence is overwhelming."

What evidence??

"Yes, ID is about evidence for an unnamed and unidentified designer, and that is all it claims."

Liar! Liar! It's a sanctimonious, dishonest religious and political agenda that has no interest in actual evidence. It's just another underhanded ploy by religious zealots to try to cram their beliefs into science and every aspect of everyone's life. And the so-called "designer" is constantly named and identified by you IDiots: the god of the bible. In fact, you named 'him' in your post, dumbass! And you indirectly, but effectively, identified 'him' as the "evangelical Christian" god!

"....the science I once thought put God out of job really makes His existence an inescapably logical conclusion."

Only to wacked-out IDiots like you.

You're dumber than a monkey fart, gildo.