Friday, July 8, 2011

The more I read what ilion says, the more I feel like puking

ilion: "For instance, my “you are the proof that God is” argument came into my awareness in an instant, complete. I wasn’t (consciously) trying to solve the problem; I didn’t sit down one day and work through “If ‘A’, then B’, therefore ‘C’.” Rather, the understanding of it came first, all at once, complete; and the codification of it into symbols by which to share it with other minds came after."

Well, la de freakin' da! That just means that you quickly dreamed up some crazy shit and didn't take any time to consider how crazy it was before spewing it to others in your usual arrogant way.

"God does not learn anything, for God always knows all (knowable) things."

Then even your god knows you're a sanctimonious douchebag. You must be like your god, because you don't learn either, although you sure do need to. And why is it that all you thumpers believe that YOU know everything about what "God" thinks, knows, feels, does, learns or doesn't learn, etc., and why "God" does what he allegedly does? What makes you an all-knowing expert on "God"?

"Materialists/atheists are mindless entities."

Really? Come here and show me how mind-full you are. You're not afraid, are you?

"I prefer to get my beliefs from reason."

Well then, you ought to start doing that. First you'll have to get a brain transplant, or at least get rid of all your religious programming and other nutty ideas.

"I already have a room; I mean, a room in addition to my house."

I'll bet it's a rubber padded one.

"Ergo, nothing is, or can be, “information.”"

That certainly applies to everything you say.

"I’ve been here for many years."

Where? An insane asylum?

"Because, among other things, when people do not think using correct (and as precise as possible, given the context) concepts, then their conclusions are guaranteed to be wrong in some way or another and to greater or lesser degree."

Yep, and your concepts and conclusions are incorrect to a great degree.

"Please step back and *examine* your last two posts directed to me — you are doing the very thing Darwinists and atheists (and “liberals”) constantly do. You’re shouting, “Oh, yeah! Sez who?” and you’re saying “If you can’t satisfy my demand for a fully satisfying answer (and I am the judge), right now, then I get to keep asserting what I assert, even though it contradicts other things I assert!”"

Sez who, you? Please step back, and off a tall cliff.

"And it really ticks me off that most people *refuse* to understand the fact of the matter. Never mind that they refuse to believe the fact of the matter; they refuse even to understand it."

You wouldn't understand a fact if your life depended on it.

"Information exists ‘within’ — and only ‘within’ — minds. There is no information, whatsoever, “out there” in the physical/material world."

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhtttttt. To use some of your own words: I don’t have any more time right now to go into it myself … but, please re-examine what you have said. Can you spot the absurdity of it? You should go bother someone else.

"A bananna slug is ‘sentient,’ but we have no reason even to suspect that it is ‘sapient.’"

Who's "we"? Are you saying that banana slugs don't have free will and can't make judgments? How could you know for sure, and where does it say that humans, and especially IDiots like you, are the deciders of what other creatures can or may think? Can you read slug minds? Have you studied slugs and written scientific papers about them? I'd like to see them. Are your suppositions and conclusions based on facts of the matter, or just assumptions?