Sunday, July 10, 2011

More on kairosfocus and Plato

kairosfocus says:

Plato is one of the first to record the rise of evolutionary materialism as a worldview of origins and the nature of reality. In so doing, he plainly showed that the roots of such a view are philosophical rather than scientific, and in fact“evo mat” is thus shown to have the functionally equivalent status of a religion.

And yes, that means that the de facto establishment of evolutionary materialism in the public square and key institutions is tantamount to an undeclared establishment of the functional equivalent of a religion.

An issue that is already plainly of grave import.


So then, gordy, you're saying that a philosophical worldview is actually religion. ID is a philosophical worldview, and it is clearly based on religious beliefs, and it isn't scientific. Three strikes and you're OUT!

Not believing in a god, or your chosen god, is not a religion. Disagreeing with or not giving a shit about what Plato opined, or may have implied or thought, is not a religion. And disagreeing with you or not giving a rusty fuck about what you opine, imply, or think, is not a religion.

What is "plainly of grave import" is your insane agenda to take over and control science and the world.