Monday, July 4, 2011

News (dense o'leary) asks:

"How would acceptance of design, alongside law and chance, as a fundamental cause in nature change the way we do science?"

What she is really asking is 'How can we find a way to cram religion (christianity) into science and get away with it?'

Notice how vague her original question is. What area of science is she referring to? Well, it's pretty obvious from all her other bitching and proselytizing that she mostly means the theory of evolution and any science that is related to it, although I'm sure she wants to inject her religious bullshit into all of science and every other aspect of everyone's life.

So, an accurate answer to her original question is: It would ruin science. 'Intelligent Design' (which is what "design" means to her) is an invasive religious/political agenda that has no business in science.

Also notice how she only mentions "law and chance", as though that's all that has ever been mentioned in scientific theories like the ToE.

And if she's so fucking smart, why does she need to ask young students? Why doesn't she have the answer herself?

Go ahead, dense o'scary, tell me exactly how adding "design" would change the way "we do science" and exactly how it would benefit science.

By the way, dense, have you ever done any science? Tell me all about it. It will take you a less than a nanosecond.