Sunday, July 3, 2011

Okay, here's the deal

Seversky, and any others who are interested:

I did not threaten gordy's wife and kids. I did not "out" his wife and kids. I did not invade the privacy of his wife and kids.

I said "Say hi to Delores and the kids", and I implied and/or accused gordy of being an abuser, which I firmly believe he is. Subjecting kids, especially his own on a daily basis, to his extreme insanity and religious zealotry is child abuse, in my opinion. How would you like getting stuck with him for a father?

The things I said were in comments I submitted on his blog, that only gordon can read or make public, and he didn't publish my submitted comments. He has, however, made a very public stink about my comments and is massively and dishonestly distorting them for selfish reasons. I knew he wouldn't publish my comments, so what I said would never have been known to anyone but gordon and me if HE hadn't made the big public stink. If he is so concerned about privacy, why didn't he just keep it all to himself? He's just using his distortions in an attempt to further his maniacal agenda to paint all people who oppose him as the most evil creatures that have ever walked the Earth.

Take a good look at this post of his on UD:

What the fuck do Dawkins, or Alynsky (whoever he/she is), or PZ Myers, or New Atheists have to do with what I say? And what the fuck is with the "menace, threaten or harm" and "Mafioso thug style “outing” attempt on wife and children = cyberstalking" CRAP?? Mafioso?? I'm not even Italian! LOL!

His insane rants about this on UD and his blog are filled with irrelevant shit and distortions of truth and reality. The guy is NUTS, and paranoid beyond measure.

If he had published my submitted comments, I would stand behind them. Nothing in my comments outed, threatened, or invaded the privacy of his wife or kids.

Think about it. How could I 'invade' something that is private, unless I were to place hidden microphones and/or cameras within his home, which would be quite difficult since I live thousands of miles from gordo?

The only things I could know about his wife and kids would be things publicly posted on the internet, by gordy himself, his family, or his friends/associates. If it's made public on the internet, it's not private. It's impossible to 'out' or invade the 'privacy' of information (like his wife's first name) that is already public. And I did NOT threaten, menace, or harm them.

Read my post below for more on all this.

And if you're reading this gordo: Do the world a favor and go jump off a very tall cliff.