Saturday, July 2, 2011

On privacy and alleged threats

Hey gordy, you're the one who made my innocuous comment a non-private affair. I made the comment "Say hi to Delores and the kids for me" on your blog, where I KNEW it would never see the light of day, since you wouldn't publish any of my other comments. If your wife's name isn't Delores, then my comment is even more innocuous, and I didn't name any of your kids.

I didn't and couldn't 'out' them or 'invade their privacy' as you have accused me of. You are the one who reads comments on your blog and you are the one who decides whether they will be made public or not. And even if I had made that innocuous statement somewhere else, what possible harm could it do to your wife or kids and how exactly would it invade their privacy or threaten them??

I made the comment because I thought it might rile you up, due to your extreme paranoia and insanity. I am not surprised that you would try to make me out as a threatening monster for making such a harmless comment. I also was thinking of how you didn't have any problem with vjtorley 'outing' MathGrrl on UD and I thought you might learn something when I used your wife's name in the comment. If you and others on UD think you can 'out' people and 'threaten' them or 'invade their privacy' as a means to further your 'christian' agenda and discredit those people, then I or anyone else can just as easily 'out' you, 'threaten' you in kind, or 'invade your (so-called) privacy' to show you what it's like.

The thing is though, I didn't 'out' your wife and kids, or 'threaten' them, or 'invade their privacy'. You're completely distorting the situation, as usual, and you're the one who is totally responsible for making it public. I was testing you gordon, and you passed with flying colors. I just wanted to see how fucked up you really are. You did pretty much what I expected.

On another note, yes, it is 'abuse' to subject children to someone like you. Your kids have no choice in who their parents are and are stuck with being abused by your obviously deranged beliefs, attitude, and behavior. That's my opinion gordy and there's nothing you can do to stifle my opinion. I don't care whether whether you like it or not.

You're a bloviating jerk, gordon, and you need to be "curbed". Anytime you'd like to take me on here on my blog, just say the word. I don't run away and hide like you do. You're not a coward, are you? Let's see some of that bydand and fight on the hill crap spewed here. You think you're quite the hero and fighting man, but you're actually just a whimpering sissy who hides behind a skirt of carefully controlled moderation and banning.

Of course you and your chicken-shit comrades on UD can just stay in that little sanctuary and not risk stepping out into such a dangerous place as my trivial little blog, and then you'll be safe and sound. No bogeymen will get you there and you can just cozy up to UD's tit, and mommy UD will protect you from all the "evil" atheists.

Come on gordon, bring your Hitler and Lewontin and religious bullshit and all your other demented arguments here and show me who's boss. Maybe you should get a large shot of testosterone first and then you might have the balls to face me here. If you come here I promise I'll give you the respect you deserve.

I'm calling you out gordo. What are you going to do? Run and hide and stir up dishonest shit on UD and your blogs, or man up?

By the way, If Delores isn't your wife's name, why did you XXXXXXX it out? Oh, and you might want to tell your friends who have it on their blog that her name isn't Delores. You know gordon, just about anything on the internet can be found with a search. If you don't want your so-called privacy invaded, don't put it on the internet. It isn't private if you or your friends/associates make it public.

Do you keep your family locked away in a bunker? Do they wear masks if you allow them to go out into public? Do you freak out if someone looks at them or talks to them? Are their names top secret, to preserve national security? Are you teaching them to be as paranoid as you are? Do you ever spend any time with your family, or do you spend it all on UD and your blogs trying to take over and control the world?

One more thing for now: Go fuck yourself.