Friday, July 1, 2011

On exposing the misleading bullshit in a nutshell

Hey kairosfocus, your maniacal drivel on UD and your blog, about outing, threats, and invasion of privacy is cracking me up. You missed your calling as a comedian.

I'm going to have some fun with you gordo and use some of your own words to point out what a two-faced blowhard you are, and how YOU are poisoning the atmosphere and using incendiary (threatening?) language.

Your words that I'm going to use are all from just one thread on UD. Of course I'm going to change a few things and add some things to point your words back at you, where they belong. However, the bulk and gist of your words will be retained.

To 'onlookers', this may be a bit jumbled and repetitive but that's because gordy's words are a lot jumbled and repetitive. Don't blame me, blame what I have to work with. :)

Here goes:


Your turnabout attempt fails.

Why do you insist on an ill-instructed “noview”?

Confident manner blanket assertions do not a case make.

The blatantly irrational cannot be warranted as rational, and in fact the entirety of your drivel indicates the fundamental irrationality at work.

In addition, you are indulging in dishonest talking points, that serve to move towards a caricature of the truth. (I suggest, onlookers, a glance at all the posts gordy has made on UD and his blogs as a 101 on the subject. If you spend time listening only to the talking points of those determined to make reality sound like nonsense at any price, you may miss the other side of the story.)

The key issue on the table is the ideologically over-wrought boorishness and abusiveness of kairosfocus as an exemplar of the attitude of the radical theists.

Also, of his habitually uncivil, rudely disrespectful pattern of abuse and slander when he disagrees, as can be seen from how he chooses to address anyone who challenges him or points out his childish games, dishonesty, sanctimony, and hypocrisy. All because I and others have exposed his deceptive tactics used in the promotion of his anti-science agenda and radical theism in the name of intelligent design, that has long since passed sell-by date.

It would seem that Mr. mullings would be better advised to clean his own house instead of throwing stones.


I think you will find that I will only highlight the use of distractive, distorting and denigratory tactics when there is a specific reason to do so, which is all the time.

Unfortunately, a pattern of abusive argument has become the standard pattern of argument for all too many supporters of ID.

If you do not hear in gordy's words the use of Alinsky’s cynical polarization tactics, and jack-boots marching in torchlight parades and radical religious proselytizers knocking on your door at 4 am, it is because you are not listening closely enough. I do not exaggerate when I say our civilization is in mortal danger, from wackos like gordo. It is high time we stopped allowing his Alinsky tactics to prevail by default.

gordon, the turnabout rhetoric does not work anymore. You are bound up in a strawman distortion of atheistic thought. And, my memory is that only recently I have had to make essentially this correction before. I would advise you to do a little more study, as already noted.

Onlookers, there are many longstanding issues that gordy needs to address.

In short, gordo, your remarks simply further bring out that you have refused so far to be corrected on mere facts and logic. Please, do better than this.

It is clear from your lies that you again — that is demonstrably what happened over these past years — wish to insist on unwarranted assertions in the teeth of any and all correction, regardless of how well warranted. The turnabout rhetoric does not work anymore.

So, this is for the record, so that the astute onlooker can see for him or her self just what you are continuing to do. I wish you would turn over a new leaf and do better, but until and unless you do so, I and others have a duty of correction.

Onlookers, see what has been happening over and over again for years? Such radical theism is inescapably amoral. In such a view, terms like evil and good, etc., become simply tools for narcissistic emotional manipulation and programming of populations and individuals.

gordy, are you simply reiterating convenient talking points, drumbeat fashion as though repetition creates reality? Next, do you understand how serious it is to insistently misrepresent another person or people? And, what that looks like when it is sustained in the teeth of correction on the merits? Now that you have established the rhetorical pattern, enough for onlookers to see for themselves what is happening, I have a lot of interest in responding to your further tangents that are all further distractive on what was plainly a distraction to begin with. The points you make are as usual tangential and polarizing towards a turnabout immoral equivalency accusation.

I trust that this will provide sufficient warrant for the fair minded onlooker to see the balance of the matter on the merits, and that it will thus also allow reality to return to its proper focus.

This abusive and amoral faux outrage rhetoric from kairosfocus that manipulates moral feelings is exactly the sort of willfully slanderous polarizing Alinskyite rhetorical pattern that I have warned against before. Unfortunately, gordy will not do better than this.

KF is of course tossing out red herring after red herring led away to a forest of strawman caricatures laced with ad hominems awaiting some firebrand rhetoric to set ablaze, bitterly polarizing and poisoning the atmosphere.

Some theists and fellow travelers have moral feelings and even reason morally, but when their system is pushed, it has no firm ground so it is captive to a dishonest radical dogma that manifests over and over again. Accordingly, it becomes a weapon for whoever can seize control of institutions of influence, and pump out clever, manipulative rhetoric, regardless of the consequences to the civilization. And it is no secret that I hold the view that on this track our civilization is obviously heading over the cliff.

gordon, on track record, your reports of what you find to have been demonstrated or not demonstrated are not particularly credible to informed onlookers.

You always try to inject as a smelly distraction — aka red herring [and there plainly is a shoal of these led away to a forest of strawman caricatures] — the Village theist level debates over the allegedly ill-informed, atmosphere-poisoning and rabble-rousing atheist as an amoral monster thesis, which is distractive, and your paranoid imagination conjures up a caricature soaked in a poisonous misrepresentation, ready to be set alight with your incendiary rhetoric — which is doubtless going on elsewhere as I speak.

I also count the sort of shenanigans that are going on in your blogs and in the UD attack blog that target Darwin, evolution, materialism, atheism, science, and their supporters and contributors, as more fever-swamp rhetoric. And, that is enough for a reasonable onlooker.

I have more than substantiated the point, in particular on your well-poisoning tangents on UD and your blogs. Skim through your posts to see how you repeatedly go off on tangents that are poisonously laced. (Does the light-bulb now go on? It should.) I'm sure it won't though because moral mud-slinging feels so good to the angry religious zealot and sometimes works very well as “shut-up!” rhetoric.

Notice, onlookers, the ad hominem circumstantial in the form of well-poisoning and atmosphere poisoning via the genetic and/or guilt by association fallacies gordy spews. It is an ad hominem and hypocritical, in the context of his accusatory and arrogant remarks toward MathGrrl, Mark Frank, and others about who they associate with and what they should do about it (wolf-pack, cess-pit, etc.).

I see good reason to keep going to try to point out those (like gordo) who on track record will likely never be persuaded but will insist on drumbeat repetition of what is false, has adequately been shown to be false and what they know or should know is false, so let the above stand as record as an expose' of what is again going on.

F/N: the underlying rhetorical tactics being used by gordon and others on UD, from Alinski’s Rules for Radicals:

5. “Ridicule [--> and more broadly, personal attack] is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.” . . . .

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. [NB: Notice the evil counsel to find a way to attack the man, not the issue. The easiest way to do that, is to use the trifecta stratagem: distract, distort, demonise.] In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and ‘frozen.’…

“…any target can always say, ‘Why do you center on me when there are others to blame as well?’ When your ‘freeze the target,’ you disregard these [rational but distracting] arguments…. Then, as you zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack, all the ‘others’ come out of the woodwork very soon. They become visible by their support of the target…’

“One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.”

This needs to stop gordo, et al. NOW.

The above demonstrates that you are a willful Alinskyite slanderer; unwilling to consider the actual balance of issues on an important and controversial subject with many relevant aspects and considerations across time, if you can find a handy way to play at distractive atmosphere poisoning games with it.

And of course, you have been repeatedly warned on the matter.

Pardon my having to be directly corrective again, as I also have to anticipate the turnabout tactic your side is ever so prone to use as though it is proof by accusation.

I need to correct, even knowing that elsewhere, I am likely going to be abused for it. Only when the message finally gets though that the sort of atmosphere poisoning tactics have been exposed and only further reveal a dangerously uncivil Alinskyite agenda by the ID advocates, will there be a point where this will stop. Remember, I saw pretty much the same from the religious agitators of my youth. I know what eventually stopped them, and it is probably going to be the same this time around.

So, I will now speak my piece.

First, gordy, your drumbeat repetition of an adequately corrected claim does not magically transform the falsehood into truth.

When we are confronted with intentionally distractive, immoral slander from gordon and other IDiots, the first thing is to make sure we do not allow ourselves to be distracted from the issue that is on the table. For, it would be folly indeed in the face of serious peril to distract and embroil ourselves over an issue like gordon's paranoia and lies, while a clear and present danger (religious evangelism and indoctrination in the guise of ID 'theory') is in front of us. And embroiling ourselves in diversionary bullshit is precisely what KF is hoping to achieve by his slanderous, distractive misbehavior.

KF, et al, don’t you ever underestimate the grim resolve I have to stand in the face of your patently wicked agendas. (And my Scottish and German bloodlines grimly concur with my Irish lineage on this). The line is drawn in the sand, and I am going to stand here, for liberty and civilization.

Wake up, man!

The time for silly rhetorical one-upmanship games and for polarizing distractors based on snide caricatures and offensive ad hominems is over.

Your ilk has gone too far.

And if you cannot see that you need to at least distance yourself from what has been done by your comrades on UD and elsewhere, that is all too revealing of a want of character.

I hope you now understand just how deeply and unjustifiably offensive and in utterly poor manner your ad hominems are.

Do not ever do the like again, but then I have no doubt that you would hardly dare do in person what you so lightly did through the safe distance of the Internet.

However, your grossly outrageous mis-behavior makes it plain to all who are serious and sober onlookers just what sort of character we are up against here.

So, take due notice, with a terrible weight of history behind it: on this hill, I stand, cost what it may.

You and your ilk shall not pass.

In that light, gordy, I earnestly counsel you to look on the attitude you have revealed in your years at UD, and call on you to amend your ways. For, attitudes that lead to intemperate and contempt-filled rhetoric [especially your most recent fulminations], lend themselves to a spiritual acid that eats away the mutual respect that is the basis for sustaining the civil peace of justice.

This recent problem was caused by yourself, so we can see for ourselves just why you now wish to resort to a turnabout false accusation in the face of being corrected for indefensible personal attacks starting with many bigoted ad hominems and going downhill from there, and worse village theistic rhetoric, especially in the past day or so.

Your daily stunts give the lie to any claims of tolerance or respect on your part.

Your behavior, attitude, words, and deeds are indefensible and inexcusable, period.

You need to be sharply corrected and curbed by decent people, not celebrated like a rock star.

Further to all this, over the past several years and especially over the last 24 hours, you have shown that you cannot keep civil fingers on your keyboard, and show no compunction or remorse for the most nasty and unwarranted, sanctimonious personal attacks, nor willingness to make amends; nor, can you face my response HERE on my blog to your dishonest attempts to discredit me while making yourself out to be an innocent saint. It is plain that you have fixed certain notions and will not be corrected, sadly; not even in the face of evident facts specifically drawn to your attention. I hope you have the decency to be utterly ashamed.

Plainly, and ever so sadly, the kairofocus tactic of closed-minded drumbeat repetition of long since corrected talking points, brazenly brushing aside all further correction, is spreading like wildfire across the radical-theist fever swamps.

So, in our day, we have to expose dangerous radicals and the implications of their ideologies and rage.

Eventually, a critical mass of the public is going to realize that gordon and his ilk are a menace to civil society that has to be stopped.

And right now, you had better believe I am going to push back hard on this threat to freedom.

Somebody out there on the other side should have enough sense to know that you don’t cross a nuke tripwire line. I have drawn the conclusion we are going to have to stand hard and take the fight on this hill.

What is happening in our civlization is no mystery, nor is it anything novel. It has happened before, over and over again.

So, we must now take courage to recognize a rising cloud of mortal danger, and have the determination to stand, exposing it and correcting it lest it bring us all down to ruin.

gordy and onlookers,

You will note that there are those who are ever so eager to rebut and dismiss points raised by IDiots on UD but they have been conspicuously silenced by being banned from UD.


That's all I can stand for now. I just hope I haven't done myself any damage by reading and rewriting all that crap. LOL