Monday, August 1, 2011

The usual bullshit

Over at UD, the usual bullshit is spewing from the IDiots. All they ever do is attack "Darwinism". They NEVER have or show any POSITIVE evidence of ID. When they're asked for any evidence of it they always evade the request and go back to attacking "Darwinism". No matter what they're asked to explain, define, or show evidence of in relation to ID, they always respond by evading the questions and attacking "Darwinism".

And no matter how many times evolutionary theory and the evidence supporting it is explained to them, they always go back to attacking "Darwinism" and the people who have explained evolutionary theory to them. The IDiots are NOT interested in learning anything, because they believe that they already know everything, even though they know absolutely nothing. They think that by believing in their imaginary god, that they somehow know everything without actually knowing anything. It is pure arrogance.

See this thread, and notice the evasion of William Roache's request for a demonstration of the so-called "explanatory filter".